Getting Started
Q:What is CamsCreative?
A: CamsCreative is an online adult webcam community that gives its members full and instant access to thousands of amateur babes who love getting wild and adventurous in their spare time! Forget about boring webcam chats, these girls specialize in bringing you the most creative action that’s ever graced your screen! Enjoy live chat sessions and hours of CamsCreative Shows - unique and original cam shows - in REAL TIME!

Q:What do I get when I sign up to CamsCreative?
A: All registered members are given a variety of benefits, including:
  • Free 25 Creative Show Minutes
  • Uninterrupted live video chat sessions
  • Uncensored, original cam shows
  • Full access to all of the Models uncensored picture and video galleries (videos are currently available on PC only)
  • Exclusive campaigns and Treat Credits bonuses
  • The option to add Models to your Favorites list
  • Free Celebrity Events performed by famous porn stars (available on PC only)

Q:What are Creative Show Minutes?
A: Creative Show Minutes are your ticket to the most innovative cam shows on the web! The more Creative Show Minutes you have, the longer you can spend in a Model’s CamsCreative Show, where she’ll be getting wilder than ever!

Q:What are Treat Credits?
A: Treat Credits are the form of payment used for all transactions and services provided on Use your Treat Credits to tip and reward your favorite Models, have them all to yourself in a private sex chat or continue watching a show when your Creative Show Minutes have run out. Add Treat Credits today (through the sidebar) and get access to even more exciting features!

Q:How is my privacy protected?
A: Your Model is the only one aware of your presence when you enter a private chat room. She is only presented with your username, and your privacy will always remain intact. Your payment details and IP address will never be seen by the Model. CCBill, and Epoch, are the only secure third parties handling all payment concerns.

Q:Who can I contact for more help and additional questions?
A: Our Customer Service representatives are here to provide you with fast, efficient service and a quick reply to all your questions and concerns. Use the Help sidebar section to contact us.

Q: How can I receive / stop receiving e-mails and special offers from
A: provides you with the option to receive emails and special offers. Click here to update your email preferences.

Payment information
Q: Who handles my credit card payment?
A: All credit card charges are handled by CCBill or Epoch,'s third-party processors. They are fully secured to ensure your absolute privacy and reliability in the amount charged. Charges will appear on your credit card statement from "," or ",". For any specific questions regarding billing, please contact CCBill or Epoch directly.

Q: Is there a purchase limit?
A: In order to protect from fraudulent activity, we put daily and monthly limits on purchasing Treat Credits via credit card. What you need to do if you have exceeded the daily or monthly limits is simply wait until the next calendar day or month accordingly.

Q:How much does it cost to video chat in private?
A: Each Model determines her price for live video chat. Most Models can charge between 0.98 and 5.80 Treat Credits per minute for a private chat session. You can also enjoy discounted Creative Shows for only 1 Treat Credit/min.

Q:How do I know how many Treat Credits/Creative Show Minutes I have left in my account?
A: The amount of Treat Credits/Creative Show Minutes remaining in your account is displayed in the sidebar, under your username.

The amount of Treat Credits/ Creative Show Minutes remaining in your account is displayed in the "My Info" section on the page sidebar.

Q: What is the One-Click Credit Purchase option?
A: The one-click credit purchase is an easy way for you to obtain treat credits before entering a private chat session, or during a session without having to exit the room or reenter your personal/payment details. It allows you to choose the amount of treat credits you want and will then automatically charge your credit card. Your treat credits will appear in your account instantly.

To make purchasing more convenient, we've made this feature available for all users who have made previous purchases. If you do not wish to have the one-click option, then you can opt-out of the feature by selecting the "My Info" tab, clicking the "Preferences" option, deselecting the box for the One-Click Credit Purchase, and clicking Submit. To maintain your account security, you will need to contact our Customer Service if you decide to later reactivate this feature.

Video Chat information
Q:How do I start video chatting?
A: All registered members can engage in uncensored live video chats once they log into CamsCreative. Simply swipe through the Model gallery and enter your chat room of choice, or search a Model by name/according to category, and start having fun!

Q:What are the requirements needed to video chat and watch shows?
A: If you’re using a modern browser you should be able to video chat and enjoy shows on your mobile, seamlessly.

Other features
Q:What are the Past Cams Creative Shows?
A: Had a hot session with a CamsCreative Model? Click on the Past Cams Creative Shows sidebar item to revisit her and continue the fun!

Q:What is the 50% Discount Code?
A: Tip your Model during a Creative Show to help her reach her Tip Goal, and receive a one-time 50%-off discount code for your next private chat with her if she does! Check which codes you have available in the 50% Discount Code sidebar tab.

Q: What are the celebrity events?
A: gives you the opportunity to video chat with some of the biggest porn stars in the industry - LIVE! Watch your favorite celebs demonstrate their special skills, interact with them and ask them your most burning questions. This exclusive offer is completely free for our members to enjoy.

CamsCreative Shows
Q: What are CamsCreative Shows?
A: CamsCreative Shows (AKA Creative Shows) are the most original LIVE adult cam shows on the web, brought to you by thousands of amateur babes! These hot Models love getting wild and adventurous in their spare time, all over the house! Out of Creative Show Minutes? Creative Shows can also be accessed using Treat Credits, at the cost of 1 Treat Credit/minute only.

Sit back, relax and watch things heat up! Don’t miss the chance to get some special attention from your gorgeous Models by tipping them using your Treat Credits. If they reach their tip goal you’ll receive a 50% discount code for your next Private Chat with them!

Q:What are Creative Show themes?
A: Models can perform based on 9 main Creative Show themes: Vibrator Show (make your Models vibrate using Treat Credits), Cleaning Day, In the Kitchen, In the Gym, In the Shower, Romantic Dinner, In the Playroom, Walk-in Closet and In the Basement (for Fetish & BDSM).

Q: What are tips?
A: Models in Creative Shows can be tipped during the show by any of the participants. Tip your Model by clicking on one of the coins in your chat area to show your excitement and appreciation - they’re surely be grateful! Tips come in the form of Treat Credits and are available in amounts of 2, 5, 10 and 20 Credits. You can also choose your own tip amount by clicking on the coin labeled ‘Other Amount.’ All tips are deducted from the Treat Credits in your account, so top up before you tip if you don’t have enough Credits.

Q: What are tip goals?
A: A Model’s Tip Goal is the amount of Treat Credits she hope to receive in tips during her Creative Show, set at the beginning of the show.

Q: What do I get if I help a Model reach their tip goal?
A: Tip your Model during a show to help her reach her target, and receive a one-time 50%-off discount code for your next private chat with her if she does! Only one discount code is given per Guest per show. When a Model you’ve tipped reaches her tip goal, you’ll receive a one-time 50%-off discount code. Use the code by entering it in the Discount Code field before you begin your next private chat with that Model. Check which codes you have available in the 50% Discount Code sidebar tab.

Q:How long is a CamsCreative Show?
A: Creative Shows can last either 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on the Model’s choice. Check out the counter at the top-left to see how much time is left.

Q:What are Vibrator Shows?
A: Vibrator Show is a hot & innovative Creative Show theme. During a Vibrator Show Models perform using a special vibrator which YOU can control remotely! Use the 4 special power level buttons to choose the vibrator’s desired speed and duration (in exchange for Treat Credits), send the vibes through and enjoy the action!

Want to watch your Models vibrate right now? Follow the Vibrator Show indication in the Model list.

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